Create Fully Interactive Software Training!

Finally there's training software made specifically for training your users on software!

UserNurture helps Product Owners, Customer Success Managers, Trainers and Consultants build interactive training demos quickly with only screenshots.

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Having the Proper training is Important, and we know this because your users keep saying so!

Learn Immersively

Replace expensive, time consuming training sessions with an automated concierge experience.

Track Engagement

Identify where software users are having difficulty learning the ropes and make improvements based on insights.

Train Specialist not Generalists

Most training focuses on introducing concepts and creating generalists. UserNurture creates specialists

Training Built with the Learner in Mind!

The #1 complaint for lack of training is the teams inability to find time to create the resource software users need. With UserNurture you can quickly build interactive training in minutes.

A Learn By Doing Approach

Usernurture lets you build interactive training demos inside a learning experience.


Clickable Screenflows

Our software allows you to link screenshots with a click action in order to mimic the
interaction of a live software.

Step by Step Instructions

These click actions each correspond to sets of instructions predefined by the administrator during training assembly. It’s as if you were there with the user telling them what they need to do next.

Real-Time Chat Support

If a user gets stuck or has questions while progressing through the training they can open a chat in real time with any of the training adminstrators.

A Tailored Learning Experience

A training experience made specifically for software users. UserNurture focuses on reinforcing the best practices of teaching software


A Visual Experience for Learners

We’ve added a visual element to the display of training. Engagment is as much dictated by marketing as it is by how the material is conveyed.

Easy Search and Filtering

Our goal is to make sure your users only have to look through courses relevant to their learning experience. The training a user will see will directly correspond to the companies they’ve been given access to. No more searching an LMS for relevant content.

User Profiles

This is the start of something transformational as a learning experience. You’ll get a chance as an admin to understand the customer profile of a specific user and how that corresponds to their engagement.

More analytics coming soon…

Tools for Easy Administration

UserNurture gives you the tools to constantly measure the ROI of your training.


Track and Manage Your Training

See the daily completion activity for all the training resources you create right from the Admin dashboard.

Generate Direct Links

Each resource you create has its own dedicated url for easy sharing with your users and within documentation.

Embed functionality coming soon…

Manage Your Team and User Access

Invite the additional team members to assist you with creating new interactive training. Manage your learner user access and track their progress overtime.

Individual user metrics coming soon…

UserNurture helps Product owners, Customer Success Personnel and Trainers build training demos quickly with only screenshots.

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