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UserNurture helps teams create visually appealing, interactive training & documentation content using a drag  and drop authoring experience.

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Create, Collaborate & Share


Knowledge Bases

Share Best Practices

Your team needs to create resources for users to access best practices, find screen recordings, and other helpful materials.

UserNurture was developed to give your team content flexibility and high-quality design. We’ve made content so that you can share it privately with 1 to many people or publicly to your entire audience.

Training Courses

Create Modular Training

Would you like to guide your audience through a series of training modules?

UserNurture allows you to create online courses which track a users progress through the training resource through completion.



Mimic Live Software Experiences

Create interactive prototypes of software experience to train your audience on specific workflows.

UserNurture’s interactive content can be shared as its own experience or integrated right into one of our knowledge bases or courses. We’re solving your training engagement with a learn by doing approach.



Guided Workflow Training

What if you could walk your audience through a software workflow without being present?

With UserNurture we’ve created a scalable, interactive alternative to a sandbox environment. Use screenshots and interactive elements to mimic the experience of live software and walk the user through a process with step by step instructions.

Provide a More Engaging
Training Experience

All you need to build interactive software training in the most efficient and effective way.

Interactive Content

The unique power of UserNurture exists within our Demos and Walkthroughs. With these two content types you can create interactive prototypes of a software experience that will train users by guiding them through a workflow using on screen tool tips or step by step instruction.

Demos and Walkthroughs are perfect particularly in the case of customer support where you need to walk a user through a series of steps but cant afford to dedicate the time for a meeting.

Customized Design and Branding

We follow a template model for the design of our training content, which means as an author no technical or design skills are required.

You can take one of our premade designs and adjust the color, font style, and branding to be a white label reflection of your brand.

We also make it easy to use a custom domain or subdomain to further align any content you create with your brand.

Train 1 to 1 or 1 to Many

UserNurture is great for public training content and documentation but where we excel and differentiate is in our private content creation experience. One example of this is if you are a consultant and you need to create custom variations of content for each of your clients you can easily do so with UserNurture.

With UserNurture you can also provide your audience with a logged in training experience where they can quickly access a library of your best content.

Quick and Easy Build Experience

Our authoring experience is created with the expectation that authors and instructional designer should not require onboarding to get started building training content, nor should they require technical or design skills.

We’ve implemented drag and drop compiling and provide a library of addable elements to help you make your content as engaging as possible.


Knowledge Bases

Create a resource for all your most important training content

Training Courses

Create guided training resources for your audience


Create clickable prototypes that mimic a live workflow


Create a step-by-step guided learning experience


 interactive content with input fields, clickable areas and more

Rich Media

Incorporate images and videos into your training content

Real-Time Chat

Give learners the options to connect to support right from their training

Custom Branding

Change the look and feel of your content to match your brand

Custom Urls

User your own urls to publish and access your content

Quality Templates

publish beautifully designed training experiences

Screenshot Taker

Take screenshots right from within the application

Screen Recording

Create screen recordings right from within the application

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