A Streamlined Approach to Training Development

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Quickly build and publish training all within one experience.. Quickly build and publish training all within one experience.

I think it’s far too easy to spend too much time thinking about which tool is better, when a better use of your time would be to pick any tool and move on to the hard work of using the tool.

With that said, the best tools can add tremendous value.

So today, I’m sharing the 18 tools that our remote team uses every single day. If you’re looking for new tools to fill any gaps in your own stack, I hope that this list helps.

Note: We first published this list in 2015, and I’m updating it to include the new tools we’ve started using since then, and removing the tools we’ve dropped.

Staying In Touch

Communication used to be the biggest challenge for remote teams, back when Outlook and conference call phones were the norm. Now we have a lot of great tools to make communication a lot easier, whether it’s simply for staying in touch or for building the culture of the company:

1) Slack – our headquarters

Even a remote company needs a headquarters, and for us, that HQ is Slack, a team chat app.

We use Slack to brainstorm, ask each other questions, pass files back and forth, compare notes on new releases, and much more.

Slack also serves as our virtual water cooler, giving our team a place to talk about anything, work-related or not, or even let off some steam.

2) Zoom – video calls and screen sharing

A few years ago, we were looking for a good app that would let us do voice calls and easily share screens at the same time, a burden that seemed to slow Skype down too much to make it usable.

We wanted something as simple to use and as pretty as Slack.

Originally, we found that solution in Screenhero, which was going pretty well until Slack decided to buy them.

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